How to Send Availability Announcements

Have new dates that you're available? Now you are able to send gorgeous availability announcement emails to your subscribers in 4 easy steps. 

1. Start by going to your "Marketing" tab and selecting the "Custom Order Availability" email template. 

2. Select the custom product you'd like to highlight. You may select one image, or you can search for a product in the search bar. The image on the right-hand side also shows how this product image will appear in the email, along with the general format of the email that our designers have curated for you.

3. Edit the subject line, message text, and button text on your email. We've added in some default text, but you can customize things to your liking. 

Below is an example of an edited message: 

Go to "Next Step: Send Details" to send a test email and send. 

4. Right now, this feature will only allow you to email all of your subscribers and emails will send immediately. In the future, you will be able to customize your recipients and schedule a time for the email to be sent. Be sure to send a test email to yourself to see how everything looks.

This is what your customers will see on their phones:  

And on their desktop: 

When everything looks good to you, press 'Send Email' in the bottom right-hand corner. 

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