How to Setup Fulfillment Within Castiron

With Castiron, your customers will always be required to select a fulfillment option prior to paying and completing an order. For this reason, it's critical to understand how to set up fulfillment methods within your shop that work best for you!

Castiron supports three different types of fulfillment: local pick-up, local delivery, and shipping. 

To get started, login to Castiron and go to "Shop Settings" on the left-hand side. Then, select "Fulfillment". 

This will take you to your fulfillment home screen, where you can edit, delete, and add fulfillment methods to your store. Select "Add Fulfillment" to create a new option for your customers. 

Local Pick-Up

Let's start by adding a local pick-up option! Castiron will allow you to set-up pick-up "time slots" for your customers to choose from if you'd like. This should reduce back-and-forth between you and your customers. Otherwise, you can choose "I'm Flexible" without setting up date and time-specific slots. 

Title your fulfillment option, and begin creating time slots by selecting the date and time for each option. You can add as many slots as you'd like to provide your customers to choose from .

Scroll down to provide Pickup Details, including the Neighborhood, Borough, or Zip Code. This information will be visible to your customers as they select this option. 

Next, fill out your "Pickup Location". These details will only be visible to your customers after they have paid and will be part of their email receipt. This allows you to provide the pick-up address without publishing it to every single person.  

Press "Save" to finalize your pick-up option! 

This is what your customers will see on the check-out page, before they input their card information. 

When they select "View Options", they will be able to see the time-slots you've created. 

Local Delivery

Creating a local delivery option is very similar to creating a local pick-up option. Like local pick-up, you can create date and time slots, or you can choose to keep it vague. 

Be sure you are charging for delivery! You can set your fees and minimums on the right-hand side. Orders that do not meet your minimum delivery amount will not be able to select delivery as a fulfillment option.

Add details, including the neighborhoods, boroughs, or zip codes you will deliver to and press "Save". 


You are even able to create shipping options within Castiron! Set your standard processing times, and add any fees. We hope to one day add a shipping integration as well! 

Tips to Ensure Fulfillment Works for You: 

 Include as many options as you need! You can be as specific as you'd like, in order to serve your customers the best you can, while also being cost-effective. 

- Include a fulfillment option for Farmer's Market pick-up to better plan your inventory for pop-ups! 

- Make sure you're charging adequately for delivery costs. Gas is expensive! 

- Be thorough with your descriptions to help guide your customers to select the option that works best for them. 

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