Castiron Calendar

The Calendar allows Castiron owners to set their availability for custom orders, while also giving them a way to view standard and custom orders on a calendar, previewing the days, weeks, and months ahead.

Manage Your Availability Using Castiron's Custom Order Calendar

Let your customers know when you have full, partial, or no availability with Castiron’s Custom Order Availability Calendar! Use this feature to communicate when you're available for custom orders to your customers. 

First, go to your Custom Order Calendar on the left-hand side of your admin page. 

Select “Update Availability” on the upper right-hand side. 

Choose what status you would like to apply to your calendar. 

Choose between Available, Limited Availability, Not Available.

Next, apply a beginning and end date, indicating when you’d like the status to begin and end. 

Click save! 

Your date’s availability statuses will appear in your calendar. 

Now, let’s see what your customers experience. 

Customers will be able to view your availability when they go to submit a custom order request. 

When they go select a date, they will be completely unable to select a date that you have deemed to be “unavailable"  (the 16th-19th). 

When they select a date that you've marked available, they will see this message. 

Use the Custom Order Calendar to Plan your Week! 

Custom orders will appear under your Custom Order Calendar tab. From drafts, quotes pending payment, and paid quotes, use the Calendar to help you plan your busy week ahead!

View All Orders on Your Calendar

Now, preview all of your orders on calendar-- both instant check-out orders or custom orders.

Click "Missing items on calendar" to assign dates to any orders that might lack a date.

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