Castiron Website Guide

Keep it simple, but make it beautiful. Castiron's guide to website creation.

Learn how to build your beautiful website in just five minutes.

Your business deserves a beautiful website, but we know your time is scarce. That's why we've transformed website creation for food entrepreneurs. Create a site that dazzles and publish in minutes! Keep reading to learn how.

Create your home page and create a powerful first impression.

Let's begin by creating your website's home page. This is your chance to make a big impression on first-time visitors to your site.

To begin, login to Castiron and access your navigation panel on the left-hand side of your screen. Select "Pages" under the Website section. This is where you can activate, deactivate, or edit your website's unique pages.

Select "Home" to edit your website's home page.

This is where you can edit all of the content that appears on your website's home page.

Begin by adding a background photo to your homepage! Simply drag and drop a photo under "Background Photo" or choose to upload from your computer. If you'd like to edit or replace an existing photo, simply choose the small three dots in the upper right-hand corner and make any changes you need.

Next, add a custom Headline and Description to your homepage in the sections provided.

Be sure to select "Preview" in the upper right-hand corner to preview your changes in real time.

Note: "Shop" and "Get a Quote" buttons will automatically appear when you have an active product or order form in your shop.

If you would like to add more sections to your homepage, you can do so in just a few clicks! These sections will appear as customers scroll on your site's homepage. These sections are snippets from other content on your website (see Step 2) and will link your customers to other published pages on your website.

Simply toggle the additional buttons to turn a section "on" or "off".

Here's an example of what this can look like. Sections from your site will automatically link to their own pages.

Last but not least, be sure your home page is marked as "Active" under "Status" and that you have saved all of your changes by pressing "Save" in the bottom right-hand corner of the page.

Add more pages to your website in just a few clicks.

Easily add content to your website by editing and publishing unique pages to your site! Castiron provides you with easy templates to create unique pages including a Shop, Get a Quote, Gallery, Availability, About, FAQ, Contact, or fully custom page.

To activate these pages on your website, login to Castiron and access "Pages" under "Website Settings" on the left-hand side of the navigation panel.

Again, this is where you can select, publish, and edit all of your beautiful website's content!

Each button here corresponds to a specific page on your website. Use “View My Site” in the upper right corner to preview your changes as you go.

Shop & Get a Quote Pages

These pages are directly tied to your products and custom order forms. Your "Shop" and "Get a Quote" pages will automatically become active whenever you have an active product or order form in your shop.

By clicking "Shop", you will be able to preview what active products will appear on your website.

By clicking the "Get a Quote" page, you will be able to edit the text that appears on the page under "Description". You can also preview your active order forms that will appear on this page.

Preview your "Shop" or "Get a Quote" page to see your progress.

Again, to edit the products and order forms on your Shop and Get a Quote, you will need to edit your order forms or products directly. Simply go to "Products" on the left-hand side of your navigation panel and edit your listings from the Products tab.


Let your customers preview your work by perusing your photo gallery! Select the “Gallery” page to make changes to your photo gallery.