Why should I use Castiron and not another tool?

Castiron is purpose-built for the needs of independent food artisans. While other platforms make you squeeze your offerings into their technology, Castiron provides the options and design you need to show your customers everything you have to offer. From dietary information to allergens to menu categories, the Castiron platform is 100% built with the needs of food artisans in mind. 

We're making it easy for you to set up an online store, add products, start selling, and get paid. In just a matter of minutes, you can have a world-class ecommerce store for free, without writing a line of code. 

Cut through the messy spreadsheets, late night order texts from customers, and inventory headaches with the e-commerce platform made for food artisans. 

We're also building a community of food artisans just like you in the Kitchen, our free online community. Join us in the Kitchen to share business advice, ask questions, and connect with other makers like you. 

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