Sending Messages to Customers

Occasionally, you may need to send a customer a message about a delivery schedule update or a sale you're having. To send a message to a customer in Castiron, navigate to the Contacts tab by going to "Contacts" on the left-hand side of your screen.

On the Contacts screen, find the contact you'd like to message. You can either choose to check the check-box next to the contact name, or you can navigate to the three dots on the right-hand side and select "Contact". If you chose to check the check-box, select "Send Email" at the bottom of the screen. 

Draft your email and press "Send Email". 

If you selected the three dots, press "Contact" and draft your email from that portal. 

If you have a store-wide announcement or if you'd like to message multiple customers at once, select each customer you'd like to message using the check-boxes. 

Again, select "Send 4 Emails" and then draft your email message. Your customers will each receive an individual email without seeing another customer's email address or information. This is a great way to save time while making email announcements or giving pick-up reminders! 

Press "Send Email" and your work is done!

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