Customize Your Castiron Store

Using the menu on the left side of the screen, navigate to Store, then click Website. 

Click About. From here, you can customize your Castiron store to fit your brand:

  • Select or upload a banner image. We offer a gallery of stock imagery that you can use to customize your page, or you can upload your own image to create a truly unique look. 
  • Add a store description. Customers like to know who they're purchasing from. Share a little bit of your story and why you started your artisanal food business in your about section.
  • Add social media links. If you'd like your customers to visit or follow your business' Instagram, Facebook, or other social media page, add a link here.
  • Note your store’s allergen information. If you cater to any specific dietary or allergen needs, you can indicate that on your store's homepage.
  • Update your shop with an Announcement Banner to announce any special sales or vacation dates upcoming

Show off your brand with pictures and logos

Inform customers of allergen information

Tell your story

Set up announcement banner in admin

Store view of announcement banner

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