How can I create a new Coupon Code?

Interested in setting up coupons for your store but unsure of where to start? Check out the video below for an intro to coupons on Castiron. 

In summary:

Create a new code by visiting or Navigating to the Admin portal of Castiron --> Store --> Coupons.

On the right half of the screen you will see a coupon creation wizard. You can either add a new coupon in 1-2 clicks by selecting  Quick add coupons or you can build your own. Please input the discount amount, whether $ or % discount is up to you. Then either input a new coupon code name (ex. 10OFF, NEWCUSTOMER20) or update the automatically generated code. Input coupon date range if applicable, and designate the number of times a customer can redeem and whether there are any minimum order thresholds to meet in order to apply the coupon.

Example Coupons to Use

20OFF - 20% off any order for a new customer

FREEBOTTLE30 - Provide a $ discount to any orders over a certain dollar threshold - in this example, I would give $10 off any order over $30 and limit this offer to only once per customer

HOLIDAY25 - Provide a 25% discount during the Holiday season within a specific date range to redeem

Limiting Coupon Code Use

If a coupon code is created, any user will be able to use it. Therefore even if a user has made a prior purchase, if a Coupon is meant to incentivize new customers with a discount, that existing customer can still use it the # of times designated in the redemption limit value.

Please reach out to us if you have any additional questions or would like our opinions on how to best deploy Coupon Codes!

Note: Today coupons do not work on custom orders. We recommend simply editing the subtotal of an invoice to accommodate any discounts for custom orders.

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