Upload Existing Customer Data Into Castiron

See this article for instruction on how to export customer contact information from Square and Shopify.

With Castiron, you can consolidate your customer data into one location. Say goodbye to manual spreadsheets, handwritten notes and contact info, and searching through your text messages! Say hello to your new dynamic customer database.

Any time a customer makes a purchase through your Castiron store, we'll capture their contact information, including their name, email, address, phone number and marketing opt-in. 

You can also upload the information of up to 500 customers at once using our Bulk Upload feature. Follow these steps to add new or update existing customer details:

  • Visit the Add Customers section of your admin portal by navigating to Customers and then clicking Add Customers - https://admin.castiron.me/customers/add
  • Select the Bulk Upload option under Add Customers

  • Download the bulk upload template linked in the description by clicking "follow this template"
  • Add your customer data to the CSV template. Only the first name, last name and email fields are required for upload, but if you have data for the other fields listed in the CSV, feel free to add it in! 
  • Save your file. Make sure it's saved as a .csv, and not as an .xlsx, .xls, or .numbers file
  • Browse or drag and drop the file into Castiron and click Upload List

  • Your customers should now show up in your customer list! Try refreshing the page if you don't see them immediately.

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