Setting Up Automated Marketing Emails

With Castiron Messaging, you can send marketing messages to existing customers via email, automatically, with just a few clicks! 

Using the left hand menu in the admin site, click Messaging. Here, you will see a pre-configured "Shop Update" email. By default, this feature is disabled. Click edit to and switch the email status to Active to enable this feature.

Select your desired frequency (weekly, every two weeks, or monthly) and decide which products from your store you'd like to include on an ongoing basis. You can choose as many products as you'd like, but two of your products will be randomly selected and included in each email. 

Include a personal sign off to end your email, save your changes, and you've configured automated email marketing!

With a few clicks, you're now marketing like a pro and your customers will be encouraged to come back into your store at your desired cadence.

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