4 Steps to Create Your Castiron Store

To start selling on Castiron, you need to complete four steps:

  1. Customize Store
  2. Connect to Stripe
  3. Add Products
  4. Update Fulfillment Methods

1. Customize Your Store

When you register for Castiron, you’ll be prompted to pick a store name, URL, select a store category, and provide your contact information. If you’d like to edit your store information, use the menu to navigate to Store > Website.

Choose your store name and enter your contact information. If you have a logo, upload it here to customize your store.

Navigate to the About tab of the store setup process and you'll be able to further customize your store. Choose or upload a cover image, add a profile picture, and any biographical or store details you'd like to include. If your store caters to any specific dietary needs, you can mark them here as well. 

2. Connect to Stripe

Using the menu on the left side of the screen, navigate to Store > Website > Payments to connect your Stripe account. 

You will walk through the Stripe connection process after clicking Connect to Stripe. During the process, you'll be asked to set up the account as either an individual or a business and provide identification details (so that Stripe can verify your identity) and connect your bank account so that you can begin receiving payouts.

3. Add Products

To add a product to your store, click Products in the left hand menu of the Admin site.

Click Add Product and populate the following details:

  • Product Name*
  • Description
  • Photo
  • Inventory*
  • Price*
  • Allergen Info
  • Dietary Info
  • Status (Active = product will show up in your store, Inactive = will not show in your public store)
  • Category 

*Required field

4. Update Your Fulfillment Methods

Navigate to Store > Fulfillment using the left hand menu in the Castiron Admin site. 

Add each method of fulfillment that is available to your customers. Choose from Pickup, Delivery or Shipping. Be sure to include descriptions around details, timing and accessibility. Add any additional pricing you'd like to include for each. If you have multiple options of the same fulfillment type (for example, Friday delivery and Saturday delivery), create a new fulfillment option for each. Your customers will select one at checkout.

Note: If you have not set up at least one fulfillment method, customers will not be able to purchase from your store.

Once these four steps are complete, congrats — you are ready to sell on Castiron!

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