Completing Your Onboarding Checklist

You've successfully signed up for your free Castiron store! In 30 minutes or less, you can be up and running. We've built a step by step guide to set up your site and start selling. 

You now have a functioning landing page where you can grow your customer list - your customers can subscribe to updates and get notified of when your shop is live! Share your link on your social media pages to alert your followers that a new site is coming. 

When you login in to your store at, you will be taken to your store's admin portal. You will land on a Setup checklist that we have built to walk you through your store setup.

Clicking anywhere on the checklist will expand the selected section and show you what needs to be done, along with time estimates and direct links to each area of the product.

Your site will be ready to preview and launch once the following tasks are complete:

All other tasks will help enhance the quality of your store but are not necessary to begin selling.

When you are ready to publish your shop, click the Launch your shop button and your store will be ready to share with your customers!

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