Product Customizations

Would you like your customers to be able to customize a standard product? Watch the video below to learn how to add customizations such as flavor variations, personalization, and add-ons to your standard products. Written summary below!

In summary: 

Our product customizations and variations allow your customers to build unique orders from your product inventory, such as:

  • Flavor options
  • Allergen-friendly substitutes (dairy, nut-free)
  • Size of a product (6-pack, dozen, small, large)
  • Premium add-ons (birthday candles, special frosting)
  • Personalization (name, birthday wishes)
  • Any other customization you'd like to include!
To edit your products or add a new one, navigate to the Products page using the menu on the left side of the Castiron admin screen. Click “Add Product” to add a new product, or click on an existing product’s name to edit it. 
Find the Add a customization button within any new or existing product under the Dietary Information section. Click that button to begin configuring your desired customizations.

Each customization can be required or optional. Additionally, you can let your customers select one or several options. 
We’ve added several standard customization categories,  like flavor, filling, topping, personalization, and size, but you can always create a unique customization option by selecting the “Custom” option. Finally, if any of your customizations cost extra, don’t forget to add their prices. Save the product. 
If you need to add multiple customization options to a product, like cake flavor and sprinkle color, you can add additional layers of customization by clicking “Add a Customization” and starting this process again. 

Shopping Experience

If you have added customizations to a product in your shop, a "Customize" tag will be displayed to customers on your storefront. When they click on a customizable product, they'll be asked to make their selections and add to cart. 

Once they have selected their applicable customizations, they can add the product to their cart and checkout! 

All applicable fees associated with customization will be included in their email confirmation in your Orders page within Castiron.

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