Custom Orders in Castiron

We built custom product functionality to support products that require much more collaboration and clarification from customers on exactly what they’re looking for, and where prices vary due to complexity. Our hope is to replace manual back and forth messaging and Google Form surveys to bring all of your online ordering into one place. 

Creating a Custom Product - Admin View

When creating a product, you will now be asked whether the product is standard or custom. The core difference is standard products will have set pricing and can be purchased immediately, while custom products require review before providing final pricing and payment. 

Click Add Product and select custom to start your custom product. 

You will notice a few new aspects unique to the custom product type:

  • Policies - list out your terms and conditions for orders and customers will have to acknowledge they have read before requesting
  • Starting at Price - minimum pricing for an order 
  • Minimum order size - smallest quantity or size of product you are willing to sell
  • Custom Request Details - create a form that asks for all of the required and relevant details you need to know about the order

The custom request details section is built so you can ask as many questions as you’d like to truly understand what the customer is looking for. There is no limit to the number of details you can request. 

Some example requested details include:

  • Event date
  • Preferred fulfillment type
  • Desired quantity or size
  • Color or theme
  • Design ideas or inspiration

Each of these questions or fields can be required or optional, and you can decide whether a customer:

  • Can only choose one answer
  • Can choose many answers
  • Must write in a response

Requesting a Custom Product - Customer View

As previously mentioned, a customer may not purchase a Custom Product without the input your approval.

Customers will see a small blue Custom Order tag to denote products where they will need to submit a request and work with you to clarify the final design and scope of the order. When the customer clicks the product, they will be taken to a modal and asked to complete the custom request details you configured. 

Once all order request details are completed, the user will click Next to provide contact details and officially submit the product request 

Artisan Review and Acceptance - Admin View

Once a customer has submitted their request, you will receive an email with all of the details, and be able to view the request’s details in your Orders page.

Email view

Order Page view

Next, you will complete the notes section with responses to the request, update the fulfillment details and complete the pricing fields. 

Rejecting a Custom Order

If you cannot fulfill a custom order request, visit the orders page and click the icon with three dots to Reject the request. By rejecting the request you will have the ability to write a custom note to your customer explaining why you have rejected the order and make it clear that they need to find another provider for their desired products.

After pricing, notes and fulfillment details have been added, you can send the custom order back to the customer for review and payment. Click the green Send button to accomplish this. 

Customer Checkout - Customer View

After you have sent the updated custom order request with pricing back to your customer, they will receive an email with a link to checkout and pay for the order.

By clicking Checkout, they will be brought to a screen to review your notes and final pricing, and pay you directly online. 

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