Sending Fulfillment Confirmation Messages

Send a pickup, delivery, or shipping confirmation email to your customers

Keep your customers in the loop on their order by automatically sending a notification email when you update an order status to FULFILLED. We recommend updating an order to FULFILLED when a local pickup order has successfully been picked up, when a local delivery order has been delivered, and when a shipped order has been dropped off with your shipping carrier.

How does it work?

When logged in to the admin, navigate to orders, then select the order you want to update to FULFILLED. Change the status of the order from the status dropdown and click save. Now you’ll see your notification customization options where you can optionally add a note to your customer and you can also check or uncheck the option to send yourself a copy of the email.

If the order you’re updating to FULFILLED status is a shipped order, you’ll also have the option to provide the tracking number and shipping carrier so your customers can monitor their order all the way to their doorstep!

If you add a tracking number to an order, it will also save that information to the order details for your own future reference and to help keep everything together in the same place!

Included in the email notification is all the information your customer would need, including:

  • A personal note from you, if one was added when updating the order status.
  • Their order tracking number and an easy link to track their order, if tracking was included for a shipped order.
  • A request to reply back with any feedback about their order. Any replies to these confirmation emails will go directly to your notification email address.
  • A suggestion to share on social media about your shop to spread the word.
  • Easy access back to your shop to see what else is new.
  • Full order details including products purchased, total paid, and the original pickup, delivery, or shipping info for the order.
  • Peace of mind about the status of their order! A recent survey* shows that 86% of consumers say that order tracking is “important” or “very important” to them and 61% prefer that communication happen through email.

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