Standard vs. Custom Products - How to Use Each

Not sure on the difference between a standard product and a custom product? The difference is actually super simple! Watch our video below for a quick explanation: 

In summary, a standard product is one that can be added to a customers cart and purchased immediately. Standard products have specific inventory levels set for each, and will show as "Sold Out" once that inventory has run out. It's important to note that standard products can still include customizations like flavor, personalization, toppings, etc. 

Example Standard Product

Added to cart and ready for checkout

A Custom Product is one that requires artisan approval prior to the customer paying. Artisans can build in a series of Custom Request Details that a customer must fill out to submit their request. No payment is accepted at the time of request. Once an artisan approves a Custom Order, a request for payment is sent to the customer.

Example Custom Product

Custom order form

Custom request to be sent for approval

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