Castiron Quickstart Guide

Add your First Product

Castiron is built for food - that means we're perfectly set up to handle common types of foodselling:

  • Standard Product: Can be customized and added to your customers cart for immediate purchase
  • Custom Product: Require your customer to fill out a request form and you can provide a quote / invoice once you've reviewed

Set Your Fulfillment Options

Pickup, shipping, or delivery? Or all three? With Castiron, you can let your customers know how they’ll receive their orders up front — and you have the freedom to only fulfill orders the way you want.

Set up your fulfillment options here: Fulfillment Page

Build your First Custom Product

Build your custom order form into Castiron to manage all of your sales in one place! Add a Custom Product at this link: Products Page

Get Ready to Take Payments

Before you can make your first sale, you have to connect to Stripe, which processes payments. You’ll be walked through each step of the Stripe setup process — no accounting knowledge needed. 
Set up Stripe from your Payments tab at this link: Payments Page.

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