Invoicing through Castiron Quotes

Introducing… our new Castiron quotes experience! 

To create a new quote on behalf of a customer, simply navigate to “Quotes” on the left-hand panel side of your admin, underneath “Orders”. Select “New Quote” either underneath “Overview” on the left or using the big blue button on the right-hand side. 

Begin building a quote by choosing a custom product to price from your shop using the drop-down menu provided. Update the quantities requested by your customer. Select “+ Add Note” underneath the product price to add any unique specifications requested by your customer such as color, topping, flavor, etc. 

If your customer requested multiple products OR requested features of a product that will result in an increase to the base price (such as a more expensive flavor, filling, cake topper, etc.), select “+ Add Item” to continue building your quote. Price everything accordingly. The product subtotal will update as you price. 

Update who will be paying for the order by navigating to “Customer” on the top right hand side of your screen. Add your customer here. 

Next up, fulfillment! Select the customer’s requested fulfillment method (pickup, shipping or delivery) from the drop down menu. Include all the fulfillment information possible, including date, addresses, notes, and who will be receiving the order. Be sure to include the cost of fulfillment under the Subtotal as well. 

Finally, select a Payment Due Date for your Customers. Choose the desired payment timeline for the quote - within 24 hours, week, or a custom date. You can also opt out of setting a payment deadline. 

Once all of your information is up to date, be sure to “Save” in the upper right hand corner. 

Or, if you’re ready to send the quote to your customer right away, select “Manage Quote” and “Save and send quote” for your customer to review and pay!

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