How to Send an Invoice on Castiron

To create a new quote on behalf of a customer, simply navigate to “Send an Invoice" from your home page.

Or, select "Quotes & Invoices" from the left-hand side of your navigation panel.

Select "New Invoice" in the upper right-hand corner.

Next, start building your invoice! Select a "Type" from the drop-down select. You can choose to select from an existing product, or you can choose to create a blank invoice.

Next, modify the price of your product. Choose to add any notes to your invoice that may be necessary.

Next, add any line-items that may be relevant to your order. This can include separate products, add-ons, rush fees, or anything else that may deserve a separate line and up-charge in your invoice. These line-items will automatically be added to your invoice's total.

Next, scroll down to add a fulfillment fee and set the payment due date for your customer. Castiron will automatically remind your customers to pay their invoice prior to the payment due date.

Now it's time to add a recipient to your invoice. Choose from a list of customers, or select "Add a new customer".

Next, scroll down to Fulfillment and select a fulfillment option to go with your invoice. Choose from pickup, delivery, or shipping. Then, select a fulfillment date and add any other applicable details, such as delivery address, a time-slot, etc.

Lastly, add any private notes to your invoice by selecting "My Notes" at the top. These are only visible to you and can include any private inspiration photos or customer-related notes.

Once your invoice is completed, select "Send" at the bottom, or choose "Save" to send later.

Customize your invoice with a personal note!

Now that you've sent your invoice, it will appear as "Pending" in your Quotes & Invoices tab.

Your customers will receive an email with the invoice you've created.

They will be able to preview the invoice details and by pressing "Accept Quote", will be taken to view their invoice.

As they go to accept their quote, they will be prompted to accept your store policies and acknowledge that all of the details are correct as well.

Once paid, your Invoice will appear as "Paid" under your Quotes & Invoices tab. Additionally, your paid invoice will appear under your Orders tab.

And that's it! Congratulations on sending your first invoice on Castiron.

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