How to Add Contacts to Your Castiron Shop

Adding your customers to Castiron has never been easier! Watch our video below or scroll to keep reading.

Adding your customers to Castiron has never been easier! To add a list of customers to your Castiron shop, navigate to “Contacts” on your left-hand side. Click this link to visit the page. Then select "Add Contacts" in the upper right-hand side. 

Add contacts by copying and pasting a list of customer emails you’d like to add into Castiron. Be sure that you separate your emails with either a comma or a line break (new paragraph). You can paste these in one at a time, or save time by doing several at once!

Before clicking “Add Contacts,” choose whether to designate your contacts as subscribers to your shop. If the contacts have given you permission to contact them with marketing offers, click the checkbox. If they have not, you will have a chance to invite them to subscriber to your marketing.  

Select “Add contacts” and vóila! You have successfully added your contacts to your Castiron shop. You can now find them on your contacts page at this link. If you added contacts and did not check that they have opted into your marketing, you will be given the chance to invite those contacts to subscribe to your shop in the next screen. This is your only opportunity to send an automated invite email.

Your contacts will receive an email if they click the Confirm Subscribe button, they’ll be taken to a confirmation page and be given your shop’s New Subscriber Coupon if you’ve activated it in your Marketing tab

This is what your customer will receive as an email invitation to subscribe.

When they select "Confirm Subscribe", they have effectively subscribed to your email list! They will receive a confirmation message and will be invited to continue on to your store. 

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