Contact Subscriber Statuses Explained

Confused on who's subscribed to marketing emails and who's opted out? Not sure how customers can subscribe to begin with? Watch our tutorial below or keep scrolling to learn more! 

Contact Statuses within Castiron: 

  • "Yes" - A contact with the status of “yes” is a subscriber that has opted in to receiving your weekly shop updates.
  • "Opted Out" - A contact that has the status of “opted out” was either added and was not noted as a subscriber, or they have opted out from receiving marketing emails on their own.  
  • "Pending" - A contact that says “pending” has received Castiron’s invitation to subscribe to your shop, but has yet to do so. If this contact does not respond, Castiron will send an auto-reminder to subscribe the month following. 

Customers can opt in to becoming subscribers:

  • By filling out your store's signup page
  • When they go to check-out
  • On your storefront page 
  • By you manually adding them as a contact and a subscriber

Shop Sign Up Page. Find your sign up page link in the bottom right of your Castiron admin, by selecting your name and then "Share Links".

When customers go to checkout: 

Or on your storefront: 

Manually adding contacts as subscribers to your shop (be sure the check-box is selected to opt them in): 

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