Getting Started with Castiron

You're a few quick steps away from saving time and growing your business on Castiron! 

Check out a few example shops from other artisans: Yaya's Sweet Treats, Lisa Fay Bakes

Build a Beautiful Store in Minutes

Start by heading to your Appearance tab in your Shop Settings

Make your shop look and feel completely customized by adding your logo, a profile photo and a cover photo. 

No fooling around with drag and drop website creators. We've built a beautiful template optimized for getting you more orders.

Include a description of how you got started, your business' social links and any relevant allergen info on your Business Details page (within Shop Settings). 

Set up your gorgeous, dead simple Photo Gallery in seconds. 

Manage ALL of Your Orders in One Place

Bring ALL of your custom orders, holiday sales, weekly pre-orders and in-person class ticket sales into Castiron by building your Product catalog

Set up your Custom Order Forms using our Quote Request product type. 

  • Collect all the information you need from customers before you accept, invoice and add orders to your calendar. Manage all of your Custom Orders through our Quotes page.
  • We've built some awesome templates to save you time and capture the right information upfront

Enable immediate sales with a credit card with our Instant Checkout product type. 

  • Perfect for holiday pre-sales, class tickets, pre-orders and more. 
  • Add variations to account for any up-charges for special flavoring, customization and beyond.  

Setup Fulfillment Options to Work With Your Schedule

Do you host porch pickups? Will you deliver, but for a fee? Can you ship your products, whether in-state or nationwide? You can configure Castiron for any and all of these scenarios! 

Head to the Fulfillment page within Shop Settings to build your pickup slots, delivery dates (with fees included) and shipping options for your customers to choose from. Securely provide your pickup address after an order is completed. 

Save time by reducing back and forth of how, when and where are your customers getting their orders!

Dead Simple Online Ordering and Invoicing System

We've partnered with Stripe, one of the leading and most secure online Payment Processing companies in the world. 

Stop trying to track down which orders have been paid and let us handle chasing down customer payments for you. 

Giving your customers the easiest checkout experience ever and convert more interested contacts into loyal customers.

Head to the Payments page and set up a new Stripe account with your business or personal ID information and link your bank account so you can get paid securely and quickly for all of your orders. 

We'll even collect your sales tax for you. It's that easy. 

Have your EIN (or personal ID), contact info and bank account ready and you'll be getting paid before you know it. 

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