How to Create the Perfect Products in Castiron

Watch the Overview Video (3 minutes)

To begin setting up your products, go to the left-hand side of your navigation and select the “Products” tab.

In Castiron, you can sell anything – from fully customized and invoiced products, pre-sales, and classes. 

Let’s start by learning how to build the perfect custom order form in Castiron.

Once on the Products page, click on “Add Product” and then choose “Custom Order Form.” From here, you can choose to add one of Castiron’s pre-designed order form templates or create your own. 

When you select an item from the list we’ve provided, you will be redirected to our template custom order form. You are encouraged to edit the product photo, minimum request quantity, starting price, allergen information to reflect your product. You are also able to add your own custom order terms and conditions, or you can choose to use the ones we have provided for you. 

By scrolling down, you will be able to edit your order form questions if you’d like to do so! We have seen thousands of custom order forms over the past few years and have automatically included what we consider to be the most important questions for your customers to fill out. 

Note: Castiron will automatically collect a customer’s full name, email address, phone number and marketing opt-in when they submit their request. Additionally, Castiron will automatically require their requested fulfillment information– so no need to include it on the order form.

By clicking the “drop down” arrow, you can expand a question and make any adjustments. Questions can be a “Select One Option”, “Select Many Options”, “Fill-In Answer”, or “Photo Upload”. 

You can also toggle the blue button next to “Required” to make a customer’s response optional or required. Finally, to rearrange the order of the questions, simply click on the six gray dots next to the question number, hold, and drag to the desired new position. 

Most importantly, be sure to click “Preview” on the upper right-hand side of your custom order form to see your customer’s perspective! This is super helpful to verify that you have set up your form correctly.

Last but not least, be sure to “Save” your product.

Now let's learn how to set-up a product for Instant Check-Out.

If you would like to have your customers purchase a product without having to submit a request to you, you will want to create an “Instant Check-Out” product. Simply go back to the products tab, select “Add Product”, and Select “Instant Check-Out”. 

Be sure to give your product a title, description, photo, and inventory. If your products are made-to-order, we recommend just setting a very high inventory. This will not be visible to your customers. Price your product, add your allergen information and any dietary information. 

To ask your customer any questions pertaining to the product (such as choosing from a list of flavors, asking for additional customizations, unique quantities, etc.) scroll to “Variations” and select “Add Variation”. 

From here,  you can title your question, choose from a fill-in answer, select one, or select multiple option, mark a question as required or optional, and even add up-charges associated with a certain option.

In this example, the artisan is asking their customers to select how many boxes they would like, as buying 2 dozen macarons are cheaper per dozen. The “Add’l Cost” button allows the artisan to add an upcharge, while “Total Cost” is what your customer will pay. Castiron will automatically calculate the upcharges for you. 

Be sure to choose “Preview” in the upper right-hand corner to confirm that you have set up your product and variations to your liking. 

 Note: You can also use "Instant Check-Out" products to sell tickets to your classes! 

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