Your Customer's Check-Out Experience (for non-custom products)

Watch the overview video (60 seconds)

Your customers will be able to see all of your offerings when they visit your store! 

Customers will be able to click on a product card, view a larger photo with your product’s description, along with any variations you may have created with the product.

Artisans will be prompted to select any required fields and can add the product by selecting “Add to Cart”. 

By clicking on the shopping cart in the upper-right hand corner, customers will be directed to a preview of their cart and select to proceed to Checkout. 

When customers press the check-out button, they will automatically be required to submit their contact information. Castiron will also opt them into marketing updates from your shop here.

When customers fill out their information and select “Next”, they will then be required to select their preferred fulfillment method. If you've set-up time and date-specific fulfillment options within Castiron, your customers will be prompted to select their preferred date and time slot. 

If your shop offers local delivery, Castiron will automatically ask them for a delivery address as well. 

After customers select their fulfillment method, they will be able to input their credit card information.

After submitting payment, customers will receive this message on their screen, complete with their order details and fulfillment information.

Additionally, they will automatically receive an email confirmation and receipt with all order details. 

When a customer successfully completes an order, you will receive an email notification as the artisan. 

Orders then appear under your “Order” tab in Castiron!

 To view an order’s details, simply click on the order. You will be able to see the customer’s information, along with every order detail and fulfillment details. To update order’s status, click on “Status” on the upper-right hand corner and select from the options. 

A quick note on Order Statuses: 

 An order is open when it is paid by the customer but not made by you yet. 

An order is completed when the product is made, the order is paid, but it is not yet in the hands of the customer. 

An order is fulfilled when a product is delivered, shipped, or picked up. when a product is delivered, shipped, or picked up.

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