Your Customer's Check-Out Experience (for standard products)

Watch the tutorial.

Now that your beautiful website is published, it's time to start accepting orders! Your customers will be able to browse your offerings by selecting "Shop" in the upper banner.

When customers select a product, they will be able to view the product description, price, along with any variations you have created

Customers can also make customizations to their product selection by choosing from the variations you've created.

Customers can select "Add to Cart" and then select the Shopping Cart in the upper right-hand corner of your website to continue to check-out.

They will be able to view a preview of their cart:

Next, your customers will be taken to the check-out page. They will be able to preview their order details on the right-hand side and even enter a coupon code.

Once customers enter their contact information, they will be asked to select a fulfillment option that you have set-up in your shop.

To manage your fulfillment options, go to your "Settings" and select "Fulfillments". If you offer delivery, Castiron will automatically ask your customers for their delivery address as well.

Finally, customers will have the option to give you a tip, and then will enter their credit card information.

Once they hit "pay" a confirmation message will show on their screen.

Lastly, customers will receive an email receipt with their order details, payment confirmation, and fulfillment information.

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