The Custom Order Experience in Castiron

See it in action:

The Easiest Custom Order Form Experience... Ever

With Castiron, it’s easy for your customers to submit a detailed custom order request, where they can answer questions about their specialty cookies, cupcakes, or cakes. 

When your customers go to your website, they will be able to select "Get A Quote" from your home-page or from the banner in the upper portion of your website.

After selecting "Get a Quote", customers will be directed to the custom order forms you have created in your Castiron shop.

By clicking "Submit a Request", customers will be prompted to fill-out the order form you've created! They'll start by submitting their contact information, requesting a fulfillment method, and requesting a date for their order.

Note: Use Castiron's Availability Calendar to manage what dates customers are able to select in this step.

Then the fun begins! Customers can continue filling out their request form.

Your customers can even add inspiration photos to their request!

Lastly, customers will be required to acknowledge your policies prior to submitting a request.

After submission, your customer will see a confirmation message.

When your customer submits their quote request, they will receive a confirmation message. Your customers will also receive an email confirmation of their request via email.

When your customer submits a request, you will also receive an email notification from Castiron alerting you to the request. At a quick glance, you can see the request details. By clicking "view quote request",  you will be taken to the request within Castiron.

When you login to your Castiron site, you will be able to access your new request under the “Quotes & Invoices” tab on the left-hand side.

New quote requests will be marked as "new".

To see what your customer submitted, click on the New quote. This is where you can get to work on preparing the quote to send! Scroll down a bit to see how your customer responded to the custom order form. Under “Quote Details” you will be able to add line items, pricing, and any notes concerning the product requested. All pricing will be automatically pulled into the “Subtotal” box, just beneath the quote details.

To view what your customers requested, scroll down to “Request Details”. 

Under “Fulfillment Details” you will be able to see the fulfillment your customer requested upon check-out and choose to apply the requested details. 

If you would like to charge for shipping or delivery, be sure to add the fulfillment charge in your total! This will automatically be pulled into the total. 

Finally, be sure to set a payment due date for your customers. Castiron will automatically send reminders to your customers, helping you collect payment without having to manually reach out!

When you are ready to send an invoice for payment, go to “Actions” on the upper right-hand corner. Or, click “Save” to save for later. Clicking “Save and send quote” will send the quote to your customer for payment. You can even add a note for your customer if you would like!

If you are unable to take an order (due to availability, the scope of work, etc.) you can select “Cancel quote” and add a note as to why you are unable to take an order. This will also inform your customers via email that you are unable to fulfill the order. 

When you send a quote, the quote will show as “Pending” in your Quotes tab, meaning that the customer has received the quote but has not yet paid.

Your customers will receive an email notification and will be prompted to review the quote and pay. 

When your customers select "Accept Quote", they will be taken to your Castiron store, where they will be asked to agree to your terms and conditions and pay. 

Once they pay, you will receive an email notification that the quote has been accepted and paid. 

The quotes tab will show the order as paid. Now, the fully paid order will also show up on your “Orders” tab! This order is "open" because it has not be fulfilled yet (meaning the customer does not have the product yet). 

Once the customer has received their order, you can update the status of the quote to "completed" (product is made, but not to the customer yet), or fulfilled (made and in the hands of the customer), by clicking into the quote and selecting "Status" in the upper right-hand corner and selecting from the drop-down menu.

When you update a product's status, you can also send a message and notification to your customer, so they can stay informed along the way! 

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