How to Easily Crop Your Cover Photo

Need to add some personalization to your shop but unsure of how to do so? Is your cover photo upload looking blurry, or cropping at a weird angle? We have some tips and tricks for you! 

To make changes to your cover photo, navigate to your “Shop Settings” and go to “Appearance”.

Under Appearance, you can edit your profile photo, logo, and cover photo. Castiron has selected a cover photo for you by default depending on the food type you selected when signing up. Of course, you are free to change this photo and make it more of your own! To do so, click on replace photo and choose a photo to upload.

Press “Save” and select “View My Shop” in the top left-hand side to see how it looks in your store front!

Cover photos in Castiron have a maximum image height of 400 pixels and a maximum image width of 1800 pixels. But, if photo editing isn't your expertise, we have a great solution for you!

To access the template, check out this link!

It will look like this. Select “Use Template” to get started.

You will be prompted to insert a photo and crop it to the size provided! In order to insert a photo, you will need to upload a photo to canva. 

Select “Uploads” on the left-hand sidebar and select “Upload Files”. You will be able to select a photo to upload, which will then appear in under your uploads. 

When your photo appears under “uploads”, you will be able to click on it. The photo will appear in the template. 

(Be sure to click on the text and delete the text box!)

Use the sizing buttons surrounding the photo to drag and enlarge the photo so that it occupies the entire size of the template.

When you have adjusted the photo to your liking, select "Share" in the upper right-hand corner. 

Then press "download". 

And select "download" one last time to save the photo to your device. 

Congratulations, you now have a perfectly sized photo that will look wonderful in your Castiron store. 

Now, log back into Castiron and upload your new photo to enjoy! 

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