How to Edit Your Background Photo

Your background photo is the first image that customers will see when they visit your shop's home page, so it's important to have a great one! Castiron has selected an image for you by default depending on the food type you selected when signing up, but it's even better when you use one that you made yourself. Here's how you can add and edit your shop's background photo:

Navigate to "Pages” and then "Home".

On the right side of the page you'll see a Background Photo area where you can Edit (crop) or Replace the photo with a new one.

After adding or editing the photo, press “Save” and select “Preview” in the top menu to see how it looks in your store front! Be sure that your Home page is set to Active under "Status" as well.

Note: Background photos in Castiron have a maximum image height of 400 pixels and a maximum image width of 1800 pixels. 

To access a template we created for this photo size in Canva, check out this link.

You can also try a free photo resizer like this one to change the size of your photo.

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