How to Make Your First Sale on Castiron

So you've launched your Castiron shop-- congratulations! Now the real work begins and it's time to make your first online sale using Castiron. Below are the most reliable tips and tricks to help secure that first sale on your beautiful new site.

1. Update your links on all of your social media profiles.

Make sure all of your social media URL fields have been updated to your Castiron link! Update Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, Twitter, and even your email signature with your Castiron store link. Conflicting links and messages only confuse customers.

Add a Shop Now Call-to-Action (CTA) to your Facebook store. Watch Abby Richardson’s tutorial to do this on how to do this in one minute! 

Remove any previous forms, links, and messaging that directs customers to other ordering methods. It should be crystal clear that Castiron is your ordering destination and is the only way you take orders. 

Check out how Mariah has linked her Castiron store in her Instagram bio: 

Maura has also added her shop link in her Facebook bio: 

2. Make an announcement post! 

Be sure to update your customers that you’ve released a brand new ordering website! This is an exciting step you've taken with your business! If you want to really get fancy, you can also make a video to go along with it, showcasing how easy it is to place an order. Emphasize that by going through your site they will save you time and make your organization easier. This allows you to take more orders and to better serve your customers! 

We've built out a store announcement template for you! You can access the template here and make it your own. 

As a bonus, pin the post to the top of your profile on FB and Instagram so that it's easily visible to those who visit your profile. Check out this video to learn how.

3. Run a new store special or product drop. 

What better way to launch a new store than with a special discount or seasonal product drop? Have a flash sale for a limited offer product that is only available for purchase on Castiron. This is a great way to help people visit your shop. Check out Castiron's marketing tab to see how you can announce new products and specials.

Finally, create a coupon or offer a time-based seasonal sale to drive urgency for your customers to buy now. 

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