How to Grow Your Customer List in Castiron

Building your email list is crucial to growing your paying customer base. Watch the video below on ways your customers can opt-in to your email list, or keep reading for more info. 

Customers can opt in to becoming subscribers:

  • By filling out your shop's sign-up page
  • When they go to check-out
  • On your storefront page - new subscriber coupon 
  • By you manually adding a contact to your shop 

Easy Ways to Get More Subscribers Early: 

Step 1: Share Your Shop's Sign-Up Page

We give you an email sign-up page to collect your audience’s information. Be sure to begin sharing this link as soon as possible– even before you launch! To find your link, go to your name at the bottom left of your admin page. Select "share links", then copy and paste your signup links! For reference, your link will be . 

Step 2: Activate Your New Subcriber Coupon 

Check out Kultured Kombucha's "subscribe" pop-up in the bottom right-hand corner of his shop! This catches a customer's eye everytime they are on your storefront and haven't subscribed to your shop yet. You can do the same for your shop by turning on your new subscriber coupon. 

Go to your Marketing Tab, and find "New Subscriber Coupon". Select "Active" or click "Edit" to change the coupon amount or your email sign-off. Easy! 

Step 3: 

Boldly add family, friends, co-workers, neighbors as contacts to your shop and invite them to subscribe yourself! 

Check out this resource on how to invite people to subscribe. 

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